Environmental monitoring plays a vital role in ensuring that project sites throughout Alberta uphold current government standards and protect the vitality of the surrounding area. When implemented properly, environmental monitoring provides a valuable picture of whether or not the existing conservation methods are successful and can help prevent serious mishaps in the future. From the Energy Sector to Oil and Gas, transportation, infrastructure and more, measuring the impact of a project’s operations keeps companies accountable as well as avoids the pitfalls of noncompliance.

Learn more about the importance of monitoring, including Esak Consulting’s approach, below.

What Is The Purpose of Environmental Monitoring?

As mentioned above, a key goal of conducting routine evaluations is to gather information about the changes and developments to the environment. While there are various methods used to do so, the data gathered can help answer crucial questions such as:

  • Are there benefits to the local communities from sustainable natural resource use?
  • What are the effects on natural habitats and ecosystems?
  • Are the local populations of plants and animals increasing or decreasing? What is causing either result?
  • Have the management intervention systems in place had the intended impact on the ecosystem?

In sum, environmental monitoring plays an important role in the protection of human health, as well as the long term sustainability of all involved environmental systems.

Avoiding Pitfalls

Each year multiple projects experience significant hardships as a result of failing to comply with government standards for remediation and reclamation. From hefty fines to costly delays and more, compliance issues can lead to significant headaches for developers, as well as corresponding officials.

Partnering with an experienced consulting team can make navigating related legislation and mandates simple, allowing you to focus on the task at hand while remaining confident that your project adheres to the appropriate standards. At ESAK Consulting, we are proud to partner with numerous stakeholders from a broad range of industries to offer comprehensive services, including environmental monitoring.

Our Approach

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, ESAK Consulting Ltd. offers custom environmental services and training to clients spanning a wide range of industries. With a focus on collaborative efforts and a multidisciplinary approach, we believe in creating progressive solutions that lead to a resilient environment for every project. ESAK’s services include comprehensive third-party compliance management and monitoring for clients, making it easy to stay on the right side of guidelines and standards for the duration of a project, ensuring a positive outcome while reducing risk in the process. ESAK’s team of experts incorporates all relevant legislation into our monitoring services and collaborates with all stakeholders to focus on education, training, and mentorship where key issues, regulatory requirements, and possible solutions are concerned. Our intention is to form a relationship based on clarity, efficiency, and positive results for all involved parties.

Partnering with ESAK Consulting allows for peace of mind and helps guarantee the success of your project, both today and in the future. Learn more about our services by contacting our team now.