Regulatory Applications & Policy

All levels of government have implemented a number of acts, regulations, guidelines and policies aimed at the protection and responsible management of our country’s natural resources and land use. Through years of building strategic alliances, we are able to work alongside these regulators to help our clients ensure the preservation of the environment in a way that allows for continued economic growth without damaging our planet’s future. We communicate effectively with several key groups including relevant government agencies, Indigenous groups, project stakeholders, and employees to ensure your environmental management plans are executed with precision.

These policy and regulation requirements range from licenses and permits to intricate systems designed for supporting any number of evolving applications. Without regulatory support and the understanding that policies may shift from time to time, the success of your project could be at risk. ESAK Consulting can assist with your current and ongoing compliance needs, from applications to licensing to strategic development.

  • Municipal Authorizations, Rezoning Applications & Development Permits
  • Assessments Pursuant to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA)
  • First Nations Consultation
  • Environmental Policy and Strategy Development
  • Public Lands Act Disposition Applications
    • Surface Material Exploration (SME, SMC) Applications
    • Surface Material Lease (SML) Applications
    • Licenses for sand & gravel operations on Crown Land
    • Department License of Occupation & License of Occupation (DLO & LOC) for new roads, right of ways and more on Crown Land
    • Temporary Field Authority (TFA) to conduct temporary work on Crown Land
    • Conservation Operation Reclamation Plan (CORP) (formerly known as Conservation and Reclamation Business Plan, or CRBP)
  • Water Act Applications and Notifications for Code of Practice for Water Crossings
    • Water Licenses
    • Wetlands Disturbance or Construction
    • Wetland Compensation
    • Water Management
  • Environmental & Protection Enhancement Act (EPEA) Applications
    • Code of Practice Pit Registration (sand and gravel on private land)
    • Activities Plan for Gravel Operations
    • Specified Land Construction, Operations & Reclamation Authorizations Licenses
    • Conservation & Reclamation Plans
    • Reclamation Certificate Preparation & Submission
    • Wetland Policy: Assessment, Classification & Compensation
    • Municipal Development Permit Applications
    • Government Relations & Liaison: Client Representation
    • Compliance Audits & Stewardship Initiatives


  • We understand and effectively utilize appropriate regulatory criteria, guidelines and codes of practice to ensure the resilience and protection of each project site.
  • We work closely with all relevant stakeholders, including relevant First Nations agencies and government regulators, to ensure your project remains compliant with all applicable policies and regulations.
  • We have built invaluable, strategic alliances with government agencies and regulators to be able to work proactively with clients to plan for the future in the event of policy changes.
  • We believe in and follow a preventative (not punitive) approach set forth by current standards in order to design sustainable growth plans.
  • We effectively research, plan, and communicate the end goal of returning sites to equivalent land capability or pre-disturbance conditions and original land use (whether they be agricultural, forestry, grassland, commercial, or disturbed).