Project management

Successful project management relies on a skillful, balanced approach to stakeholder communication, resource management, and future planning. ESAK Consulting offers quality project management services of any duration for companies that require a third-party advisor for their projects and teams. Many of our projects include onsite and offsite support for one-off and ongoing land use projects to ensure timelines are met, costs remain low, and company resources are well managed throughout a project’s lifecycle. We provide technical support, audits, inspections, and timely reporting to ensure each and every project exceeds expectations for all stakeholders. 

  • Project Management Support On- & Off- Site
  • Site Supervision
  • Strategic Planning
  • Peer Review, Senior Review & Expert Opinion
  • Field Inspections and Audits
  • Technical Support in Various Environmental Disciplines: Agrology, Forestry, Biology & Wetlands
  • Air Photo Interpretation & Analysis
  • Interprets aerial photos for optimum site design and route selection.
  • Geographic Information Systems Analysis & Mapping


  • We complete projects on time and below budget with a priority to exceed expectations.
  • We use the best project management practices to initiate, plan, execute, control, monitor, and close projects effectively and efficiently.
  • We expertly assess, manage and mitigate or remove all possible and pending environmental risks at and around project sites.
  • We invest more time in planning balanced, big-picture solutions to ensure longevity and resilience for project sites to address future regulatory and environmental changes.
  • We ensure our project management methods are transparent, fostering a cooperative environment which allows project managers and team leads to better allocate resources to increase their bottom line and returns on investment.
  • We work with your team to build the right culture and operations environment, bringing the entire team together under focused leadership to improve alignment and to better develop in-house talent.
  • We practice an innovative, progressive approach while adhering to standardized processes and comprehensive systems in order to more clearly communicate with all stakeholders.
    We tailor each project on a client-by-client basis to ensure project goals and objectives are successful.