ESAK Consulting Ltd. is an industry leader in the assessment, conservation, development, monitoring, and reclamation of natural resources and land use projects throughout Western Canada.

We provide environmental assistance in various sectors including non-profit, transportation, pipelines, in-situ oilsands, mining, aggregate extraction, midstream and upstream oil & gas sectors, transmission lines, and renewable resources.

ESAK Consulting is professionally registered to work in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

Project Management

Our team excels at project management, offering day-to-day technical support for many environmental projects. Our progressive approach includes both macro and micro perspectives, giving you comprehensive and precise solutions within deadline and under budget.

Training, Research & Mentorship

Many corporations and institutions turn to us to build robust training and coaching programs for environmental assessment, monitoring, reclamation, and remediation in a wide range of projects, supporting the next generation of environmental experts.

Regulatory Applications & Policy

ESAK Consulting is well versed in the applicable policies and regulations and can help clients monitor their compliance requirements. Our in-depth knowledge of the complex and shifting regulatory landscape allows us to successfully prepare and file applications with regulators and monitor changes to your filings and proceedings.

Compliance & Monitoring Management

ESAK Consulting offers third-party compliance management and monitoring for companies that require a hands-off approach. We work with government agencies to verify your project’s regulatory compliance and confirm your environmental mitigation plans meet industry standards.

Assessments, Mitigation, Closure, Reclamation & Remediation

With a robust background in environmental, soil remediation, land reclamation, biophysical overviews, and contamination investigations for regulatory approvals, ESAK Consulting helps companies mitigate their short- and long-term environmental risks involved with complex land use projects.