industry leaders

Trusted Industry Leaders

ESAK Consulting is an industry leader offering tailored services for clients in a wide range of industries. We work best when partnering with clients to solve unprecedented environmental challenges. Our team understands your needs and can provide you with the knowledge not only to complete your project on time and within budget but also to create a future-forward strategy for your company.

regulator relationships

Established Relationships with Regulators

We have built a vast, trusted network of regulatory experts that provide invaluable insight and information for our team and for our clients. We know what regulators need and what questions they’ll ask, so you can be confident knowing that your project remains compliant. We work on your behalf to help you plan for sustainable growth and reach your goals.

team of experts

Powerhouse Team of Experts

In order to keep costs low and quality high, we partner with a select group of highly trained, multidisciplinary subcontractors and part-time professionals that provide ongoing support for our clients. Their unparalleled industry knowledge and experience has also allowed us to offer services to larger firms that may not possess the required certifications for larger, more demanding projects.

progressive solutions

Progressive Solutions Tailored to You

No two projects are alike; we know that your project faces unique environmental challenges that require innovative solutions. We provide nuanced and progressive strategies on a client-by-client basis that balance the challenges you face today with the growth you have planned for the future.

innovative and balanced approach

Innovative and Balanced Approach

Not simply focused on the present task at hand, our team provides a well-balanced perspective of your project needs and challenges with your goals for economic growth. Our extensive professional reports give you macro and micro insights for the lifecycle of your project, giving you better resources to plan for the road ahead.

clients come first

Our Clients Come First

When you work with ESAK Consulting, you receive the very best service. We stand for integrity and deliver honest, transparent solutions, working closely with our clients to achieve a successful outcome. Our progressive strategies are designed to anticipate changes to policies and regulations that impact the success for all stakeholders.


Problems Aren’t Problems, They’re Opportunities

With years of proven high-quality service throughout both simple and complex projects, we’ve earned the privilege of tackling many interesting and challenging projects, further establishing our company’s leadership in this industry. Instead of seeing problems, we see unique opportunities to create a resilient future for our environment.

work life balance

Work-Life Balance

At ESAK Consulting, we promote a safe and vibrant work-life balance for our team, offering benefits such as supportive leadership, in-house daycare, workout facilities, pet-friendly spaces, and a rooftop patio for office gatherings and socials. We believe it is important to promote a balanced lifestyle for our team to improve communication, foster excellence, and strengthen connections within the company so we can do our very best work for our clients.