Compliance & Monitoring Management

​Many promising projects have seen their downfall due to lack of compliance. Our team can assist yours in preparing, filing, and monitoring your regulatory applications with all relevant agencies (federal, provincial, and municipal) to manage your ongoing compliance requirements for the life of each project to avoid non-compliance or due diligence pitfalls. With our in-depth expertise and knowledge of the industry, we are able to assist companies in maintaining efficient, up-to-date filings. We have conducted extensive industry and environmental research to confirm potential and proposed changes to relevant policies that may help you anticipate future operational decisions.

Our management approach is one of prevention; we work alongside government agencies and regulators to help our clients secure a positive outcome for their projects while reducing their risk. Clients who work with us are able to verify with certainty that their requirements are up to date to reduce the impact of project sites. Typical applications of this service include construction, post-development monitoring, and wetland or watercourse crossing. Through our third-party compliance management services, we offer you peace of mind from hands-off environmental monitoring; partnering with ESAK Consulting increases the likelihood of your project’s success.

  • Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
  • Monitoring Program Design, Implementation & Operations
    • Reclamation Monitoring
    • Water Monitoring
    • Terrestrial Monitoring
    • Wetland Monitoring
    • Transportation & Infrastructure Monitoring
    • New & Post Construction Compliance Monitoring
  • Municipal Land Use Policy & Development Plans
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Environmental Guidelines & Codes of Practice
  • Regulatory Approval, Licensing & Permitting Compliance Monitoring
  • Regulatory & Annual Reporting Pursuant to a Permit, License, or Approval


  • We expertly incorporate relevant government legislations with clear rules and obligations for the protection, enhancement, and responsible use of surrounding environments into our monitoring and reporting for our clients.
  • We collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure that your environmental management and risk mitigation plans adhere to key regulatory frameworks (such as AEP, AER, CEAA and various municipalities).
  • We focus on the education, training, and mentorship of relevant stakeholders that help to explain key issues, regulatory requirements, and possible solutions in clear and concise language with our accompanying reports and graphics.