Training, Research & Mentorship

​Passing down knowledge and expertise is one of the cornerstones of the work we do at ESAK Consulting. With the wealth of experience our team brings to the table, we are committed to investing into our communities, schools, and workplaces. We have been involved in numerous training and mentorship programs for the next generation of soil scientists and environmental consultants, particularly in an age when our society is aware of the shifting social responsibility to protect our natural resources and is keen to be part of that change.

Businesses are increasingly expected to provide employee training that meets (and exceeds) environmental obligations for related activities. We provide education onsite regarding the regulations, policies, and stewardship of resources that can be adapted to suit any audience or level of expertise, to ensure that all stakeholders are committed to the success of the project. We connect offsite with various businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions to provide training and mentorship for up-and-coming skilled professionals in a range of environmental sciences, risk and assessment industries, or government applications.

  • Pilot Mentorship Program at the University of Alberta
  • Specialized Meetings & Training Workshops
    • Project Management Training
    • Regulatory Training
    • Environmental Policy & Procedures
    • Environmental Assessment & Mitigation Planning
    • Environmental Awareness Training
    • Environmental & Construction Monitoring Training
    • Land Reclamation Training
  • Development & Delivery of Educational Programs
    • Contaminated Sites Evaluation & Management Training
    • Environmental Stewardship
    • Licensed BEAHR Environmental Trainer (ECO Canada) Environmental Core
    • Environmental Monitoring (Regulatory & Research Specializations)
    • Environmental Site Assessment Assistant
    • Contaminated Sites Remediation Coordinator
    • Local Environmental Coordinator
  • Collaborative Research & Policy Creation


  • We design and provide first-class training programs that share our knowledge and experience, providing guidance and understanding of technical and project management information with other professionals and senior-level students in our industry.
  • We conduct extensive research to stay abreast of new policies and initiatives for technical discovery, pilots, and updated project management practices, as well as future updates to federal, provincial, and municipal regulations and policies.
  • We partner with the ongoing Pilot Mentorship Program at the University of Alberta (Faculty of ALES) for select senior students to learn from seasoned professionals and prepare for their transition to the working world.